I’m just doodling here and the man on the street will shed no tears, but could the situation at Paramount right now be analogous to the reign of terror in France (1793 to ’94) that led to many impassioned people feeling the kiss of steel? Distribution chief Wayne Lewellen…whacked. DreamWorks’ TV distribution honcho Hal Richardson moving in and the Paramount exec now handing this…soon to be whacked. As Slate‘s Edward Jay Epstein wrote a little more than a week ago, Paramount Pictures chief Brad Grey bought DreamWorks in large part in order to make up for a lack of Paramount-generated films, since DreamWorks has a good number of projects in various stages of development. Point #1: “The true brilliance of Paramount’s high-profile acquisition of DreamWorks is that it will serve to divert from, if not totally hide, Paramount’s own failure to assemble a full slate of films for 2006-2007. And point #2: “When [the acquisition] deal closes, Paramount will essentially become, at least for the next two years, DreamWorks. Of course, many, if not all, of the people who work at DreamWorks will lose their jobs, and the people at Paramount who created the near-meltdown will take credit for the films they’ve acquired. But, as they say, that’s show business.”