HE [text]: A little more than a month ago I began to feel an alien presence in my system during the pre-dawn hours — achey muscles, chills, that “uh-oh” feeling. I thought it might be Covid, but thank God it was gone by 9 am that morning. Mostly thanks to a certain genetic inheritance from my mother’s side, which I’ve learned from hard experience not to identify.

It came back again this morning at 4 am. I don’t have a high temperature or chest congestion or anything in that realm, but something definitely invaded my system in the wee hours. It’s now 4 pm and I haven’t been able to do much except sleep. Yes, it’s lingered a bit this time. Not even my glorious virus-fighting genes were able to vanquish it.

Friendo to HE: You’re feeling under the weather?
HE to friendo: I am under the weather.
Friendo to HE: You took your temperature?
HE to friendo: Yes, I did — 98.5
Friendo to HE: That’s a good sign. Sleep is the best remedy. Do you have any sleep aids?
HE to friendo: I’m sleeping just fine. I can barely stay awake.