The new trailer for James Mangold‘s Knight and Day (20th Century Fox, 6.25) is suggesting that it may be a comedic Collateral. Tom Cruise‘s Milner (sardonic violent guy parachuting into the life of an average citizen) is Vincent again, and Cameron Diaz is Jamie Foxx‘s Max.

But will it pay off like Collateral? Will Milner prove to be an angel of salvation in disguise (as Vincent was for Max)? Which is to say, will Diaz’s June Havens be portrayed as someone who could use a good swift kick in the pants, or as a character with any depth at all? We’d all be delighted if Mangold could channel Michael Mann, but how would this sit with Tom Rothman? The more this film has been tailored to appeal to Diaz fans, the worse it will be — I know that much.

The older Cruise gets, the more interesting his face becomes. Pretty boys all come into full spiritual flower when they hit their 40s and 50s.

The cool European locations were in Salzburg, Sevilla and Cadiz.

“Nobody follow us or I kill myself and then her!”