In any event, the Capote team can finally start to exhale — director Bennett Miller, screenwriter Dan Futterman, star-producer Philip Seymour Hoffman. George Clooney and his Good Night team can also, I think, give themselves a premature pat on the back for having (apparently, most likely) made the cut, and ditto Lion’s Gate and the Crash director-writer Paul Haggis and co-writer Bobby Moresco. I’m not congratulating the Brokeback Mountain gang because their film has been locked for a Best Picture nom (and let’s face it, seems headed right now for an almost certain victory in early March) for a good two or three weeks, and you, me and every senior citizen and 16 year-old kid between Guerneville, California, and Newton, Massachucetts, knows it. And oh yeah, no nominations of any kind for poor Munich…again. I want to be gracious about this, but if those who were claiming in October and November that Munich is the presumptive Best Picture winner want to issue their recants and mea culpas, now might be the time. It’s up to them, of course.