In his comment following an Ain’t It Cool riff on last Saturday’s writer’s panel at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, Drew McWeeny (a.k.a., “Moriarty”) wrote, “I heard that Jeffrey Wells tried to shout down John Logan at one point about The Aviator.” C’mon…I hardly shouted Logan down. I simply asked his view about the heavy emphasis given to Howard Hughes’ obsessive compulsive disorder in Martin Scorsese’s film, given (a) a view shared by Hughes biographer Pat Broeske that Hughes’ OCD didn’t manifest big-time until the 1950s, and (b) given the fact that a 2002 draft of Logan’s script (the dialogue from which was very closely adhered to by Scorsese) didn’t emphasize it quite as much. “It√ɬ≠s amazing to me how some people get so invested in the Oscars that they start to disparage the work of the people they√ɬ≠re not rooting for, even to the point of attacking them verbally in a public forum,” McWeeny remarked. There’s a certain way of putting a question when you’re “attacking” someone, and — believe me — I put my question to Logan in a very measured and respectful way.