“My most embarrassing moment in Hollywood was an interview with Jim Carrey that at least absolved me of star fever,” New York Times reporter Bernie Weinraub has written in a farewell piece. “The comedian, in a suite at Ma Maison Sofitel, was promoting his film The Mask. I had taken medicine for a bad cold. The interview began. I was settled into an easy chair, facing Mr. Carrey with my feet crossed in front of me. As he began answering questions, I fell asleep. The next thing I knew, I was feeling somebody kick the bottom of my shoe with his foot. I woke up, mortified. Years later, I met his manager Jimmy Miller. I told Mr. Miller I had a confession: that I fell asleep while interviewing Mr. Carrey. Mr. Miller exclaimed: ‘So you’re the guy! He talks all the time about a reporter who once fell asleep on him.'” Hilarious, yes, but it’s also very brave of Weinraub to admit this. It was noted by some reporters who also interviewed Carrey at the Ma Maison Sofitel that same day (including myself, for a piece for the New York Daily News) that Carrey was giving the exact same quotes to every journalist who dropped by, so maybe this un-spontaneous shpiel had something to do with Weinraub’s slumber, above and beyond the cough medicine.