I’ve participated in at least a couple of hundred round-table junket interviews over the last 30-odd years, and more often that not some idiot will ask either (a) a moderately stupid question or (b) an excruciatingly stupid one, and I mean the kind that makes your brain suffer a kind of seizure. But over the last six to eight years this tendency has gotten worse. Many TV journos, I’ve heard more than once, have developed an idea that moronic, invasive, non-professional questions are what the audience relates to. Nervy irreverence and put-on interviews in a silly vein have pretty much become the brand of MTV.com’s Josh Horowitz, and his success has probably inspired others to follow. So The Project‘s Jonathan Hyla asking Cate Blanchett about a cat on a leash is pretty much within the norm these days. (Notice that Hyla is reading the question, meaning that his editor has told him to ask it or Hyla had given the question a little bit of thought before putting it to paper.) Cheers to Blanchett for refusing to play along, of course — “That’s your question?…that’s your fucking question?”