From The Hill: New York Attorney General Letitia James predicted today on The View that President Trump will probably resign from office and then have Vice President Pence preemptively pardon him.

“He can preemptively pardon individuals, and the vast majority of legal scholars have indicated that he cannot pardon himself,” James said. “I suspect at some point in time, he will step down and allow the Vice President to pardon him,” she added.

YouTubers say (a) “I really think Trump’s gonna regret running for president…he ran to promote a failing brand, won by surprise, and thereby opened himself up to scrutiny where all his dirty deeds would be found”; (b) “Michael Cohen went to prison. No way Individual #1 won’t also do time. Seeing Trump in an orange jumpsuit and leg cuffs will be so damn satisfying”; (c) “Uh huh, here is why he’s afraid. Stick around, more after the commercials. Any of us can try to hide behind a thicket of lies, but the truth is always lurking about. And it never goes away”; (d) “MAAAN! She is not messing around!”; (e) “That lady is good…’Get him, girl!…get the whole stealing, lying, and inhuman numbs taking up space in this administration; (f) “I for one would not want Letitia James hot on my trail. She looks dangerous. Trump, your day is comin’.”