One of the best riffs ever written by Awards Daily‘s Ryan Adams: “One reason [Oscar co-host James] Franco fell flat is because he was already in postmortem mode, doing an instantaneous mental autopsy of his onstage oblivion, already seeing his tiresome lines shrivel and wither on the vine…before bothering to prop them up with any game-face grinning facade.”

“No matter how many flashy autotune gimmicks the producers concoct to drag the Oscars into the 21st Century, it’s all just slapstick lipstick on a 3D pig without re-tuning the writing to bring it up to date. No matter how ‘fresh’ the presenters’ physical appeal, until the Oscars wise up and realize their writing staff is stale, the hosts can’t help but stink up the joint.”

Question: Why do certain guys transfer TV shows to YouTube without delivering decent sound?