Charles Ferguson‘s Inside Job “is a highly absorbing, meticulously composed hammer doc about the causes of the ’08 financial meltdown,” I wrote in a 5.15 Cannes review. “Most of us have some kind of understanding of the whys and wherefores, but Ferguson lays it all out like a first-class table setting and makes this titanic crime seem extra vivid.

“The American public was robbed blind and is still being made to suffer by an arrogant den of thieves, and the enormity of their power-corridor hustle is almost too vast and labrynthian to comprehend. But Ferguson’s doc makes it more comprehensible than in any presentation I’ve seen thus far. Every Average Joe and tea-bagger needs to see this film at least twice and take notes each time.

Inside Job is brilliant, perceptive, very well organized, necessarily angry or at least confrontational, and narrated by Matt Damon. And great looking — the gleaming, superbly lighted, crystal-clear lensing by HE pally Svetlana Cvetko and the gifted Kalyanee Mann is easily the most handsome and lustrous I’ve seen at the festival so far.”