No overt disagreement with retrocrush’s Robert BerryPaul McCartney‘s “Wonderful Christmas Time” (released in ’79) may well be “the worst Christmas song of all time [as well as] one of the most awful songs ever recorded” period. It’s relentlessly lame, icky…pink cotton candy set to music.

That said, I have a shameful confession. I was roaming the aisles of Stew Leonard’s supermarket in Norwalk, Connecticut, around this time last year, and the p.a. system was playing the McCartney tune, and God help me but when I heard the main chorus I felt soothed in a hokey, mortified way. Give McCartney his due: he knows how to write those insipid-but-catchy little hooks. (Just the chorus, mind…the rest of the song makes you want to spit.)
I guess you have to be a white middle-class guy who grew up in sedate, vaguely druggy surroundings to sympathize with this. I feel as if I’ve just totally surrendered any claim to being a marginally hip person.