A friend writes: “The Butter script was number three on the Black List and was one of the funniest scripts I’ve read in years. If the movie comes even close to the script, it will be this year’s Little Miss Sunshine.

“Plot is the story of a young black girl who doesn’t like white people (hilarious reverse politically incorrect racism), is adopted (for the one hundredth time — she never unpacks her bags) by a very, very whitebread Midwestern family

On the other side of town, the guy who wins the butter carving competition (regarded as the local Academy Awards) is asked to drop out this year because he always wins and there’s no contest. His wife, a social climbing wing nut, sees her status as Wife of First Prize Winner dropping so she decides to enter instead

The contestants sculpt butter like high art — the Pieta, the Thinker, etc. — and take

it a little too seriously, like the stage moms in Sunshine. So the big-haired wife/bitch takes on the very talented and newly discovered butter artist black orphan

“And the games begin.”