“Interesting to read about Scientologists buying tickets in bulk for Mission: Impossible III. I spoke to a theater manager in Three Rivers, Michigan — the kind of town where something like M:I:3 should be doing solid business — and he said he and his staff couldn’t believe how poorly the film did last weekend. ‘I don’t know where they made that 48 million,’ he said, ‘because we never had more than 30 or so people at any one show.’ He said the movie made ‘maybe’ $3000 for the weekend. Although everyone he talked to who saw it enjoyed it, he had also heard from many people who said they were ‘sick of seeing [Cruise]’ and under no circumstances would they be going. The poor guy — the theatre manager — is now crossing his fingers and hoping for a box-office lift this weekend from Posedion and Just My Luck.” — James Sanford