Yesterday President-Elect Joe Biden said that “the scenes of chaos at the Capitol do not reflect the true America…do not reflect who we are…America is so much better than what we’ve seen today.”

Everyone knows Joe was blowing smoke when he said this, at least to some extent. Yesterday’s marauding animals definitely represented an unfortunate strata of American society…a side that many of us routinely turn away from in disgust or avoid thinking about whenever possible, and which we’re unfortunately stuck with save for the grand solution of green re-education camps.

The Capitol Invaders didn’t represent HE’s America, I can tell you…the mostly decent, responsible, tax-paying, Criterion Channel-watching, Italian-shoe-wearing, well-educated or at least “curious and trying to keep up” Americans, but the invading animals definitely represented those odious motherfuckers known on this site as Bumblefucks.

Yes, the Capitol police acted like soft stooges with the Trump mob, who wanted to rough up Mike Pence for being loyal to the Constitution rather than The Beast. If the rioters had been African American there would have been some shooting and a helluva lot more arrests — for sure, no debate. But that aside, how did yesterday’s chaos turn into a referendum on American racism? It was about stupidity and dad jeans and bad teeth…about the submentals, the scurvies, the Trump scum, the dregs, the wretched refuse, the castaways, the lowest of the low if you don’t count the homeless.

Gene Seymour on Facebook, posted yesterday: “My friend Charles Taylor speaks with characteristic passion: ‘You know what chaps my ass? For four years, we’ve all been listening to these J.D. Vance morons saying we had to understand that Trump appealed to people who felt they had lost their country, felt looked down on by elites. And those of us saying ‘no, they hate America, they are essentially fascists’…we’ve been told we’re being hysterical, that we’re making the matters worse, that we have to reach out to these people.

“‘But if you believe in what America is supposed to stand for, you don’t want to reach out to white supremacists, and you don’t want to reach out to people who have no interest in how a constitutional democracy works. You want to minimize them, disempower them. Which would not be anti-democratic but pro-democratic because it would stop minority rule, which is what the GOP has handed to these yahoos.

“‘I am a northeasterner who, like anyone who grew up loving rock ‘n’ roll, has a love for many parts of Southern culture in my bones. I know how, when my ex and I announced we were honeymooning in Nashville and Memphis, many Boston friends said, ‘WHY?’ as if we were going to wallow in a pig trough for two weeks. I hate that.

“‘But I see no reason NOT to look down on people who are willfully stupid, proudly bigoted, who have no knowledge of how the country they profess to love works, and no shame at their ignorance. A democratic republic cannot admit their kind of stupidity and bigotry without poisoning itself.

“LOOK at them…LOOK at this slime desecrating the Capitol. Their fault isn’t that they are poor or badly dressed. Their fault is that they are slobs in their soul. Everything about them speaks contempt for any aspiration to knowledge or grace or nobility, any pleasure beyond a bag of Funyuns or beating a ****** for fun. I will look down on them proudly. If they took part in what happened today, they need to be charged with terrorism, prosecuted, and given the max. If they didn’t, their political power needs to be diminished by abolishing the electoral college, making Senate representation by population and not state, passing a new voting rights act.

“If that happens, and the lib-socialists take over, this scum can enjoy the best health care and social security benefits they will ever have, while spending their final days talking about how the home-o’s and the dark-ees and the Mexes and the Mooslums and the femme-Nazzies are ruining America. Poverty is not their fault. Opioid addiction is not their fault. Willful ignorance is. Bigotry is. Vance and the people stupid enough to swallow him believe in personal responsibility. Time to expect it of the human garbage we saw today.”