House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has joined Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer in calling on Vice President Pence, an obsequious coward if anyone ever saw or smelled one, to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Orange Plague from office. Pelosi has also left the door ajar regarding impeaching Trump a second time.

Realistically? Impeachment could happen in the Democrat-controlled House, of course (“If [Trump] wants to be unique and be doubly impeached, that’s kind of up to him and his cabinet,” Pelosi said), but the best we can probably hope for is Congressional censure. That plus the tacit understanding all around that Trump is not to be consulted or even spoken to about anything between now and 1.20.21.

This isn’t just a post-coup-attempt rage rant on the part of Schumer and Scarborough and everyone else — this is real. Yesterday tore it. Trump has to be ejected from office or at least neutered right now…okay, that won’t happen. He at least has to be re-impeached…ugghh, some in Congress will hesitate or delay or whatever. Then he at least has to be officially censured.