A few miles east of Amsterdam — Friday, 5.4, 12:45 pm.

My first reaction when I saw this Vogue cover of model Lara Stone in the central Amsterdam train station was, “Jesus God, she looks like a fucking vampire.” Those blood-yellowish eyes and grayish gappy teeth…yeesh.

JFK lounge just prior to Thursday night’s British Airways 7:30 pm flight to London, which actually left at 8:30 pm, which created all kinds of pressure to make the London-to-Amsterdam connecting flight. But I made it. Just.

At Amsterdam airport they have screens that provide progress reports about how your baggage is doing. Don’t expect to see this at any U.S. airports anytime soon. Too expensive, too technically advanced, much too considerate to customers.

First continental European phone network.

Train connection in Hilversum, a suburb of Amsterdam.

Outside central Amsterdam train station — Friday, 5.4, 11:35 am.