In a 4.10 article about the restoring of Jaws for Bluray release (Universal Home Video, 8.14), Bleeding Cool’s Brenden Connnelly has run an interesting quote about grain management from Uni’s sr vp technical operations Michael Daruty:

“Grain removal is always a subjective thing,” Daruty begins. “When you’re scanning an original negative and/or the different generations of materials that we might have to go from, grain is something that we just have to deal with. Sometimes it is dealt with in a positive fashion, and there have been other times that, for whatever reason, there’s been a negative [reaction] achieved for too much grain reduction.

“On all of the titles that we are working on for our centennial, we are very aware of the grain processing and grain management. The Jaws restoration went through a little bit of it, just because the original negative needed it, but I’m telling you, I don’t think you’ll see a film as beautiful as this film has come out. We’re very happy with it.”