Conor McPherson‘s The Eclipse, a kind of supernatural, death-dodging love story with Ciarin Hinds and Aidan Quinn, appears to be one of the more intriguing Tribeca Film Festival selections. It’ll be shown next month as one of the World Narrative Feature competitors. I was alerted when an HE reader pointed out McPherson’s illustrious track record as a playwrightThe Weir, The Good Thief, This Lime Tree Bower, Dublin Carol, etc.

Based on a story by Billy Roche, who co-adapted with McPherson, The Eclipse is about a widower (Hinds), who befriends Lena (Defiance and High Fidelity‘s Iben Hjejle), a writer who specializes in the supernatural, during a literary festival in Wexford. “Events spiral towards the paranormal,” read a synopsis on a Hinds website, “when Michael finds himself confronted by strange visions, as well as having to contend with a flesh-and-blood menace in the form of author Nicholas Holden (Quinn), who is determined to prevent Michael and Lena from becoming too close.”

Funded by RTE, Bord Scannan na hEireann and the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland,The Eclipse was shot in Cork last year.