If it’s a choice between the occasionally caustic or callous Joan Rivers and CNN’s Fredericka Whitfield, I’m definitely with Rivers. At least Rivers is honest while Whitfield is my idea of a smiling corporate hatchet woman, pretending to be all alpha and perky and lah-dee-dah. Consider that crocodile smile and that half-animal, half-bird sound she makes when Rivers accuses her of being a hypocrite….”Nahhoo!” Whitfield might be the person she’s pretending to be or she might be something else, but she’s definitely putting on an act. In Rivers’ mind wearing leather shoes, eating hot dogs and wearing a fur coat are all equal sins in the eyes of PETA, and besides her fur coat is 15 years old so it’s okay. In July? It’s not the age of the coat but the metaphor. Wearing a fur coat is like wearing a necklace made of dried ears.