I understand that stories about characters who are standing at a crossroads in their lives make for fertile soil, and that good films often result from this situation. But I don’t want to read about a character having come to a crossroads ever again in a synopsis of any kind. And I’m saying this not even knowing for sure if it’s more proper to say “crossroads” or “crossroad.” If the term is preceded by an “a” and therefore more or less treated as a noun, it should be a singular…right?

I know it’ll be difficult to avoid the cliche, but that’s the rule from here on. You can say that a character has arrived at a juncture or hit a roadblock or run out of gas or is halfway there or is stuck on a never-ending journey or has skidded into a ditch or has no direction home . But no more “standing at a crossroads.” (Or a crossroad.) And that goes double for any and all Robert Johnson biographers.