In a 2.23 Washington Post story, an anonymous Clinton campaign adviser tells reporters Anne Kornblut and Shailagh Murray that Barack Obama‘s 17-point Wisconsin victory last Tuesday “[has] started to sink in as a decisive blow, given that the state had been viewed weeks earlier as a level playing field.”

“‘The mathematical reality at that point became impossible to ignore,’ the adviser said. `There’s not a lot of denial left at this point.’ He added that despite Clinton’s public pronouncements of optimism, `She knows where things are going. It’s pretty clear she has a big decision. But it’s daunting. It’s still hard to accept.'”
“Some Democratic political sources said discussion has begun about encouraging Clinton to transition into a different party leadership role, one that could carry her on a path to becoming Senate majority leader.” Obviously this scenario could be adversely affected if Clinton continues the battle past the point of numerical reality and assumes the role of a spoiler.
It’s at least comforting to realize, considering the gist of this story, that Clinton advisers with their feet on the ground have managed to scotch the idea of burning the house down by fighting all through the summer for every last delegate and super-delegate. Thank God for cooler heads. If Clinton splits the Texas vote with Obama and just narrowly edges Obama in Ohio, it’ll be time to hit the showers. She’ll withdraw on March 6th or 7th. The Pennsylvania primary will not be hotly contested.