Vantage Point did about $7,963,000 last night with a projected weekend tally of $24.6 million, and it’s a total piece of shit. (Doesn’t matter, nobody reads reviews, America the Beautiful.) But three other openers have completely tanked. Be Kind Rewind will do about $4 million, Witless Protection will grab a pathetic $1.9 million, and poor Charlie Bartlett will only do about $1.6 million.
The Spiderwick Chronicles will come second in Sunday night with $12.7 million. Jumper will be third with $12 million even. Step Up will do about $9.2 million. Fool’s Gold is expected to take in $6.1 million. Definitely Maybe is $5 million even. Juno should do about $3.9 million.
Fantasy Moguls’ Steve Mason is reporting similar but slightly different figures.