Last weekend 1619 author Nikole Hannah Jones and others tweeted that news reporters, saddened and appalled by savage Russian attacks upon Ukraine — a white, middle-class, Eastern European nation whose president is a former professional comedian — are conveying insidious racism because they were somewhat less alarmed by similar wartorn scenarios in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thus proclaimed the woke Comintern — too much empathy shown for whitey-white Ukranians is a highly suspicious and probably racist thing. News media professionals and especially in-the-field reporters are advised to take note.

Shamed and threatened, D’Agata has since apologized for his rhetorical misstep, which was basically prompted by conveying too much sympathy for Ukrainian citizens and refugees

This D’Agata-Hannah Jones mishegoss has ignited a firestorm of outrage directed at D’Agata and other like-minded reporters and media types who may be guilty of conveying racist bias against war-victims and refugees of color.

Earlier: Two days ago CBS News correspondent Charlie D’Agata apparently ignited this concern in a report about the Ukrainian carnage.