The above was a Western Union-style message from an industry guy that I received this evening — seven words that might shake the world John Reed-style, and which, right now, are certainly putting a slight chill up the backs of Netflix execs after CODA having won SAG’s Best Film Ensemble prize.

“You’re kidding,” I replied. “In terms of Best Picture? I mean, I get the fact that it feels a lot warmer and more huggable than The Power of the Dog. But CODA is basically a heart-massaging sitcom, an ABC after-school special, La Famille Belier, etc. It’s fine but calm down, for heaven’s sake! Eugenio Derbez (Mexican music teacher) saved it.”

Regional directorwriter: “CODA has the heart factor going for it, despite its plodding execution at times. POTD has zero support from the industry. It hasn’t won any guild awards. Belfast could benefit but that feels hollow at this point. CODA could start picking up momentum from the SAG win.”

Scott Feinberg analysis