It’s worth noting that V for Vendetta, a flick I’ve loved twice (especially in IMAX) and would see a third time in a snap, has been almost universally killed by critics in London, where the film takes place. London Times critic James Christopher said he’s “never seen so many respectable, mostly British, actors in such a deranged satire.” The Guardian ‘s Peter Bradshaw called it “V for Valueless gibberish…weird and bizarre and baffling, but in a completely boring way.” The Telegraph critic panned it. The Independent‘s Anthony Quinn says “anyone who bothers to read newspapers will scorn [the film’s] allegorical intentions, while popcorn-munchers in search of a thrill will wonder why the dude in the mask does so much talking.” And yet stateside it’s gotten a 75% positive Rotten Tomatoes rating thus far, and a 65% rating with the creme de la cremes.