I’ve said it before: the snaggle tooth that Peter Jackson has given his big ape is, I suspect, a blade of grass that hints at what may be going on in the emotional universe of King Kong (Universal, 12.14). The snaggle-tooth is a way of Charlie Chaplin-izing Mr. Kong…of making him seem vulnerable and endearing. (But that’s Jackson…an incorrigible emotional underliner.) Harry Knowles agrees — he says “the wonky tooth [is] a bit lame” and gives Kong “a goofy look.” I’m just saying that the comparison shots that Harry has run (with and without snaggle-tooth) probably don’t mean anything. The tooth footage would almost certainly be locked in at this stage (wouldn’t it?). Beware the tooth…the tooth is the movie…beware the tooth…the tooth is the movie. Although I have to say the stills on the official Universal-Kong site are fantastic. This is going to have wonderfully composed, exquisitely lit visuals. Each and every still looks scrumptious.