The shooting of Michael Mann’s Miami Vice (Universal, 7.28.06), which stars Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx, is generating talk among guys in the production-chat circuit. Before I pass this along, understand that similar yarns were spun during production of Mann’s Collateral (i.e., shooting and shooting with no end, unhappy crew, budget overruns, etc.) and look how that one turned out…brilliant. Remember also what Uma Thurman said in Pulp Fiction about guys gossiping with each other, and that the stuff I’m getting now is second-hand. That said, the Vice chatter is that “Mann, Foxx and the budget are out of control,” a friend confides. “One thing that has slipped out is that Mann’s inner circle is turning on him — they can’t deal with him anymore. My source says Farrell’s mullet hair style is the least of the problems. He also worked on Collateral and he wouldn’t say too much about Vice except that he feels like a character in ‘Devil’s Candy 2.’ Mann still doesn’t have an ending to the film and the production is going to Latin America for a month and a half. He said that a majority of the gossip coming off the set is true.” I don’t know about this at all. To me, Mann is the king and can do no wrong. I had a gut feeling about about this second-hand source when the Collateral stories were coming in, which is that he’s one of those whiners who likes his relaxation, doesn’t like to work long hours or do the hard-core thing in order to create lasting quality. In other words he’s a candy-ass, so I wouldn’t put that much stock in these stories…although those mullet reports are troubling. Has anyone heard anything from real men on the set (i.e., non-girls) in a position to actually know stuff?