With curly, carefully styled, longish but not too long hair. And probably shiny moussed.

The History Channel series is called Jesus: His Life (debuting 3.25), and the actor portraying him is Greg Barnett, who could play a young Felix Cavaliere in a biopic of The Rascals, or perhaps a good friend of Anthony Soprano, Jr. 15 years ago. He could certainly portray any 2019 resident of Jersey City, Hoboken, Asbury Park or Fort Lee on a reality series. His face screams “PATH train.”

Any way you slice it Barnett looks as much like a first-century Judean as did Jeffrey Hunter in King of Kings or Willem Dafoe in The Last Temptation of Christ or Max Von Sydow in George StevensThe Greatest (and Most Absurdly Miscast) Story Ever Told.