“I totally agree with what you wrote about Girls,” Jett wrote this morning. “And I’m curious what you think about people hating on it because it only focuses on privileged middle-class white girls. People are too fucking sensitive. Lighten up.”

My reply: “You agree about the girl-on-girl dialogue being really good? Can you write something? Just bang it out in your lunch hour. Obviously you have a generational perspective, etc.”

To which Jett replied: “I mostly relate to the story lines and context. When it was on one of my roommates even said she couldn’t watch the show because she talks to these people everyday, and it’s frustrating. I think that says a lot about how spot-on it is. The dialogue itself has a Diablo Cody quirky sharpness to it, pre-Jennifer’s Body.

“That moment when Lena’s boss says she should take over the company’s Twitter account because she has the voice for it? That really sunk in with me. It was patronizing in a way because I’ve heard that kind of thing and it demeans my line of work but it’s so true, and that’s a sign of good writing.

Lena Dunham did this exact same role with Tiny Furniture, and she feels so real all the time, especially when she’s delusional about everything. Kara, my other roommate, is basically Lena Dunham, so that probably helps too. Really smart, but snarky in a subversively sad way.”