Girls is refreshing not just because it exposes girl talk in all of its raw glory, but the way the characters speak comes so naturally you really feel like you’re sitting in the room with them. It sent me back to my NYU dorm room days and how great it felt just to be hanging in the balance of who I was and who I might become, and with a whole long road laid out in front of me.

“Like taking a shower or sleeping in the car on a long drive, it didn’t matter that you were where you had to be — it mattered that you weren’t there yet. That kind of limbo comes usually once in a lifetime. Ten more years of that kind of thing and these characters [will] all become a sitcom about losers on the Fox network. But they’re still young enough, their futures are still bright enough, [so] we can forgive them their confusion.

“Still, what bothered me about Girls was what bothered me about Tiny Furniture. I know that Lena Dunham in the movie, and maybe in real life, is discovering her sexuality slowly — maybe slower because of her ‘body issues.’ But I hope at some point her character realizes that being the object of some dude sticking his dick in her and getting off is not the way any girl, or woman, should have sex. Maybe she doesn’t yet feel she can demand pleasure in her own right but hopefully she’ll get there. Hopefully she’ll meet that one guy where they won’t get out of bed for two weeks straight and she’ll know the glory of superior, hardcore, stripped-down loving.

“Right now, all I wanted to do was march into that room and throw that dude against the wall for doing her like that. She is 24, not 16. She’s old enough to know better. Or is she?” — from Sasha Stone‘s 4.17 Awards Daily piece on Lena Dunham‘s show.

I agree — that guy Lena was having it off with was one of the most odious and animalistic Uriah Heeps I’ve ever seen live or on a screen or on a stage or in an art gallery. Where did they find this fucking troglodyte? After watching he and Lena together I decided to stop thinking about sex, much less having it, for at least the next 90 days.