15 days after Tablet‘s David Mikics previewed Ben Urwand‘s The Collaboration: Hollywood’s Pact With Hitler, about collaboration between the big studios and the Nazi regime during the 1930s, N.Y. Times reporter Jennifer Schuessler has reviewed the basics and spoken to Urwand. (The book isn’t out yet.)

“What [Hollywood] wanted was access to German audiences,” the Tablet piece reads. “What Hitler wanted was the ability to shape the content of Hollywood movies — and he got it.”

In other words, the mostly Jewish studio bosses of the 1930s did whatever they could to increase earnings, and most likely did what they could to ignore or deny Adolf Hitler‘s sharply anti-Semitic writings in “Mein Kampf.” Hollywood’s agenda has always been shaped by love of the blessed buck. Urwand’s book simply explains how devoted that love was.