I’ll be doing the New York Film Festival today and tonight before hitting Connecticut for the weekend. I couldn’t stay at Jett’s place and was therefore forced to book a Manhattan hotel room. I looked around and couldn’t find anything better cost-wise than a boilerplate Comfort Inn on Ludlow Street, which is a block and a half north of Delancey. Just a standard room with a queen bed, a TV, a bathroom and wifi, and it’s costing me in the vicinity of $250 plus tax. I’m sorry but that strikes me as exorbitant.

I’m currently sitting in a McDonald’s at the corner of Essex and Delancey, partly for the wifi but also because I was starving. This morning’s NYFF press screening (10 am) is Mike Mills20th Century Women, which I caught in Los Angeles last week. This afternoon’s press screening (1 pm) is Kleber Mendonça Filho‘s Aquarius, which I saw and quite admired in Cannes last May — deserves a second viewing. I got the usual two hours of sleep on the plane so at some point I need to take a nap.

McDonald’s work station at Essex and Delancey — Friday, 10.7, 10:10 am.