Yesterday afternoon I asked occasional Awards Daily contributor Jordan Ruimy, who mainly files for The Playlist while writing his own online column, to join me for an Oscar Poker session. Jordan, who will soon move with his wife from Montreal to Boston, attended Sundance last January (he shared my condo) and also did Cannes, and he’ll be in Toronto. Plus he knows his stuff. We talked about the fall season in general, but the two hottest conversational topics were (a) why has IFC Films refused to firm a release date for Olivier AssayasPersonal Shopper? and (b) will Paramount even release Martin Scorsese‘s Silence this year? Again, the mp3.

There’s not much to talk about with Sasha Stone before the fall season starts because she more or less hibernates for six months after the Oscar telecast. She doesn’t pay a huge amount of attention to late winter, spring and summer movies for the most part, on top of which she didn’t do Sundance (and therefore missed The Birth of a Nation and Manchester by the Sea) and last May she bailed on Cannes. Plus she never, ever does Toronto. Plus she’s been snippy due to my voicing certain disappointments about Hillary.