It’s probably hard for Millenials to imagine Mel Gibson, who has morphed into a notorious espouser of odd conservative values over the last decade or so, as a beautiful hunk who exuded a kind of serenity. But he was and did back in the day. I myself had forgotten what his face looked like, that vibe he had. He was 25 or 26 when he starred in Peter Weir‘s The Year of Living Dangerously, and Gibson’s costar Sigourney Weaver was 32 or thereabouts. I was devoted to this film when I first saw it in late ’82. The erotic current is ripe and throbbing. (I was going with someone at the time, and I remember what it did to us, mood-wise, when we saw it together.) There’s no Living Dangerously Bluray but a high-def version is on As soon as I return. (The Vangelis-composed theme from this film was originally done for a documentary called Opera Sauvage. The track is called “L’Enfant.”)