Select critics have been sent links to Ron Howard‘s Hillbilly Elegy (Netflix, sometime in November). Hollywood Elsewhere is looking very much forward to submitting to a cinematic rendering of J.D Vance’s 2016 memoir about growing up yokel. Seriously, no kidding, I’m into it.

We owe a debt of recognition, after all, to those fine rural people who voted for Donald Trump in ’16 and thereby pushed our country to the brink of totalitarian fascism. Most many of them are still wearing the red hat.

Vanessa Taylor‘s screenplay is actually about how Vance, portrayed as a teen by Owen Asztalos and as a young adult by Gabriel Basso, gradually escaped this horrid, dead-end culture and went on to attend Yale Law School and become a noted author.

HE to critic who’s seen it: “I have one question, [name]. How is Glenn Close‘s performance as Ma Bumblefuck?” (Her character is actually called “Mawmaw.”)