Early tracking numbers on Miami Vice and Snakes on a Plane won’t be surfacing for a while, but some of the mid-July attractions are going to make exhibitors “moan and moan loud,” I was told earlier today. Things could always bump up once the TV ads for the following films kick in (current figures are basically about the impact of theatrical trailers), but right now July isn’t looking that great aside from Pirates 2 business. Columbia’s Little Man (7.14) has a sluggish 68% general awareness, a 25% definite interest, a 20% definitely not interested and 4% first choice. Universal’s You, Me and Dupree (7.14) is looking “very soft” so far: 59 % general, 27% definite interest, 5% definitely not interested and 3% first choice. Clerks 2 (Weinstein Co., 7.21) has a reported 29% general, 31% (one third of the 29%) definite interest, 10% no interest and 3% first choice. The numbers on M. Night Shyamalan’s Lady in the Water (Warner Bros.) are not encouraging for a movie by a auteur-level director whose name is recognized by audiences like Steven Spielberg‘s: 53% general, 29% definite, 16% definitely not interested (higher than it should be…scary) and 3% first choice. Columbia’s Monster House (7.21) is at 60% general, 25% definite interest, 5% not interested and 2% first choice. Ivan Reitman’s My Super Ex-Girlfriend (20th Century Fox, 7.21) is at 56% general, 20% definite interest, 8% no interest and zero first choice.