Most descriptions of gallery art sound like pretentious bullshit, but this is funny besides: “The screenplay is never an end in itself; rather it is a vehicle for further creative exploration. By making the screenplay, the object and the end product of the artwork, screenwriter Tom Benedek (Cocoon) has corrected the internal contradiction inherent to the process.

“Tom’s artwork stars the screenplay, and that within it lives a movie, is just one aspect of the whole. By ‘shooting the script’ what he is really doing is liberating the word. Tom’s selection process only addressed “those of his scripts that were commissioned but [which] he no longer controlled, so that this incomplete document is elevated to a status it otherwise would never attain” Benedek’s artworks, which are being presented under the title “Shot by the Writer”, are being celebrated at a reception on Thursday, 6.29, at the Shavelson-Webb Library, 7000 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA from 6:30 to 8:30.