HE to Anthony Hopkins: Variety wokesters (Elizabeth Wagmeister, Clayton Davis, Angelique Jackson, Jenelle Riley) have made it clear they really wanted to experience the “Chadwick Boseman takes Best Actor Oscar” moment last night, and are quite disappointed that it didn’t happen.

So is there any way you could adopt a noblesse oblige attitude and (a) offer an apology for winning the Oscar or (b) say how sorry you are that your win robbed Boseman fans of a great emotional moment…something along these lines? Or maybe give the Oscar back to the Academy and insist that it go to Boseman’s family instead, because in this of all years no white actor wants to violate the wokester narrative that so many were counting on?

Wagmeister: “The major upset at the end was completely avoidable…the late Chadwick Boseman was the front-runner to win an Oscar for his role in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. [But] he lost to Anthony Hopkins, but what made the moment more shocking was that the [the] Best Picture [Oscar winner] had already been announced.”

Davis: “I don’t know whose idea it was [to announce Best Actor winner at the very end] but it was the most bizarre thing I had ever seen happen.”

Wagmeister: “From a television perspective it was kinda…I don’t even wanna say ‘good TV’ because I know that we’re all not happy about what happened.”

Jackson: “We were all hoping for something that was gonna shake things up, but I don’t think that [the Hopkins win] was in any way what the Oscar producers intended. There was a lot of hope that we were going to end with this very emotional, heartfelt moment…all these things were pointing toward a great, great emotional catharsis. Instead we had this real kind of catastrophic surprise.”

Wagmeister: “But of course, this is not Anthony Hopkins’ fault…”