In an 11.21 Daily Beast piece, “best-selling vampire expert” Leslie Klinger expresses disappointment with Twilight for not being fang-y, bloody and batty enough. But there’s a quote that stands out. Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, he notes, “imagines the curse of the vampire as the difficulty of restraining the monster within, overcoming the desire to consume human blood. It is easy to see this as her metaphor for premarital sex, a conservative agenda masked as a vampire tale.”

In this light (and I didn’t share this precise impression when I saw the film last Tuesday night), I think it’s fair to call Twilight the most effective covert-conservative-values movie to be released since Four Months, Three Weeks and Two Days, which made me feel an allegiance with the right-to-lifers. Because it makes sexual abstinence seem like a fairly hot, pure-of-spirit state of being. And I say this as something of a lifelong libertine.

If you buy this interpretation (or even if you don’t), Twilight can be seen as selling the exact opposite abstinence mentality as the one portrayed (and made stupid fun of) in 40 Days and 40 Nights, the ’02 Josh Hartnett sex comedy.

Is Twilight a sexual right-wing movie in sheep’s clothing?