I’m not quite as enthralled by Mike Nichols and Steven Soderbergh‘s DVD discussion about Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolff (’66) as their Catch 22 DVD commentary, but it’s still damn good. Nichols did and knew so much…everyone, everything. 60-plus years of being right smack in the middle of da coolness, da coolness being himself. Nichols’ schwing might have had something to do with “starting out your life by having to avoid being murdered,” Aaron Sorkin says in the Hollywood Reporter tribute issue. “He was seven years old when he put an ocean between himself and Nazis. It’s hard — impossible — to sum up Mike Nichols in a short space, but in his memory I’ll try to make a hard thing simple. He was the most talented person I’ve ever known. He was also the kindest. And we’ll never see his equal.”