I’ve reviewed Michael Moran‘s 50 Biggest Movies of 2010 piece in the London Times. The biggest money-makers, he means, which in itself implies a kind of synthetic Eloi quality. Because if these 50 were 2010’s absolute best there would be cause to seriously think about calling off the 2011 Oscars.

But forget awards. All I want to see just to see ’em are (1) Tim Burton‘s Alice in Wonderland, (2) Hot Tub Time Machine, (3) Paul Greengrass‘s The Green Zone, (4) Phillip Noyce‘s Salt, (5) The Rum Diary, (6) Ridley Scott‘s Robin Hood (but only somewhat), (7) Eat Pray Love, (8) Oliver Stone‘s Wall Street 2, (9) Unstoppable and (10) London Boulevard.