To double-underline that I have no dog in the Watchmen hunt, I’m stating an obvious interest in posting any other reactions to the film — pro, con, whatever. Even a submission on the level of that detestable 2.16 article by Nerdworld‘s Matt Selman would be of interest. Obviously there’s more to Watchmen than the opinion of one journalist colleague or some alpha-brained Simpsons contributor. I’ve been told that another critique will land in my inbox fairly soon so I hope others will follow.

Has anyone noticed, incidentally, that Selman hasn’t written a word on Nerdworld since yesterday afternoon’s blow-up? What a lazy fuddy-dud candy-ass he must be. Can you imagine being silent after igniting a firestorm of this sort? Is Selman hiding out? Is he working the tension off at a local workout place? Did be buy groceries early last evening at Whole Foods and then go out to dinner with friends, with whom he drank California wine and laughed uproariously at their jokes?