It’s definitely called Allied, and being a Robert Zemeckis film you know it’ll be a little on the schmaltzy…okay, the emotionally accessible side. The World War II-era film began shooting last month in England. Paramount will definitely open it commercially on 11.23.16, which is only about seven months from now. El Bradamente plays Max Vatan, an assassin who falls in love with and then marries Marianne Beausejour (Marion Cotillard) as they prepare to zotz a German official. And they obviously have a kid. Steven Knight‘s screenplay is apparently based on a true story. The fact that it’s being called a “romantic thriller” indicates that neither Pitt nor Cotillard will die. (Whereas if it was being called a romantic drama or melodrama we could expect one or both of them to get shot by a German firing squad.) The main costars are Lizzy Caplan (as Pitt’s/Vatan’s sister) and Jared Harris.

Brad Pitt, Marion Cotillard during last month’s London filming of Robert Zemeckis’ Allied.