You’d think from all the vigorous marketing and online buzz that Kick-Ass will rule the box-office on the weekend of 4.16, when it opens against Death At A Funeral. Except the across-the-board awareness of Death is slightly or solidly higher than Kick-Ass‘s, which, as a seasoned number-cruncher notes, “is surprising among 17-to-34 year olds.”

And there are higher Kick-Ass negatives at this stage with “definitely not interested” among under- and over-25 women at 15 and 13 vs. 10 and 8 for Death at a Funeral.

The bottom line is that Kick-Ass seems to be doing well only among under-25 males. The current Kick-Ass numbers for this demo “aren’t even close” to where Clash of the Titans was tracking with them two weeks ago,” I’m told. Right now under-25 males are at a definite interest 48 for Kick-Ass compared to Clash‘s opening-day number of 65.

“Next week’s numbers should be interesting when and if Kick-Ass‘s first choice number, which is currently at 7, bumps up higher with Clash removed from the equation,” the guy remarks. Clash‘s first-choice number is currently 25.