Now that first-wavers have seen Captain America: Civil War, mini-reviews are requested. Please answer the following: (1) As efficient and well organized as the film obviously is, does there seem to be something missing nonetheless? Some spark of soul or feeling or genuine inspiration?; (2) Is there common agreement that the film does pretty much peak after the airport brawl or…?; (3) Was anyone vaguely bothered by the similarity to Batman v Superman in that CA:CW is basically about superheroes facing adversity and repression because the public feels threatened by the chaos-creating battles between the Avengers and supervillains?; (4) Scott Mendelson has tweeted that the film “is more of a parable for World War I than the U.S. Civil War” — agree or disagree?; (5) Is anyone else feeling fatigued and dispirited by the presence of Robert Downey, Jr.? Once again, my original review.