I’ve no room in my soul for stupid boner comedies, but there’s something about the tone of Amateur Night…I don’t know what it is but at the very least the trailer suggests that it might be half-genuine and therefore might half-work. Maybe because co-directors and co-writers Lisa Addario and Joe Syracuse based the premise (out-of-work husband driving hookers around to pay for pregnant wife’s medical insurance) on their own experience when they first hit Hollywood. I also love the original title — Drive, She Said. The presence of Jason Biggs suggests a low-rent horndog attitude but maybe not. I’m a teeny bit concerned that this August 2016 release wrapped in late 2014 (20 months is too long of a lull, suggesting there may be content issues) but let’s put that aside for now. Costarring Ashley Tisdale, Janet Montgomery, Bria L. Murphy, Jenny Mollen.