Yesterday morning The Atlantic‘s David Sims posted a hatchet piece about poor Jason Reitman, who’s in a hole right now because of the double-whammy of Labor Day and Men, Women & Children. Reitman will probably climb out sooner or later but for now Sims has him pegged as (a) “a fascinating cautionary tale” and (b) the new M. Night Shyamalan, “a wunderkind gone sour.” Sims is saying that Men, Women & Children sucked eggs because Reitman “committed the fundamental hubristic error of thinking himself a great social commentator…taking his material far too seriously, [having] lost sight of the humor and humanity of his earlier works. Up in the Air really felt like it had something sweeping to say about the state of our nation, and it did it by telling a personal story. By contrast, Men, Women & Children explicitly criticizes people for having their heads in their phones, but forgets to ground the story in anything relatable.” Everybody drops the ball at one time or another. Reitman in the shower: “Each time I find myself…flat on my face, I pick myself up and get back in the rayaaace…that’s life!”