Jimmy Fallon goes to all this trouble to film a Goodfellas-tribute promo (the restaurant, lighting, camerawork and Hawaiian-style waiter clothing are perfect), and then blows it with the dialogue snips. Stevie The Sidekick: “Hey, howz it goin’, bada bing bada boom” or whatever…awful. And Hashtag, the Dancing Panda? There’s no sincerity. That’s the beauty of the Scorsese original — “Como sa va?,” “Whassap guy?,” “Took care of that thing for ya,” “I saw that guy, yeah, wenna see him.” You sensed that Henry’s pals, sociopaths and criminals all, really looked out for each other. And Fallon allows for just a little too much lag time between spotting the player and the dialogue. Scorsese got the choreography and the timing just so, and you know how? I’m guessing it’s because he did it over and over and over and over again, and I mean until the actors and the crew were begging to go home.