There are very few adults in the big bad business world who don’t swear by the Don Corleone maxim, “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.” Whatever your game is or what side of the fence you’re on, dealing with people who understand how things really work is usually a very smooth experience. Unfortunately, there are those who don’t get Don Corleone and instead are into a kind of iron-cannon, thick-walled, defend-the-English-castle mentality. They basically strategize the way Frank Thring‘s King Aella did in Richard Fleischer‘s The Vikings, and they regard well-meaning interpreters of the Hollywood film business the way that King Aella saw Kirk Douglas‘s Einar and Ernest Borgnine‘s Ragnar. You’re watching The Godfather, Part II and you’re thinking Michael Corleone may lose his soul, but at least he gets it. You’re watching The Vikings and you can’t wait to see King Aella thrown into the wolf pit.