King Kong — the brute with a case on a certain blonde, a big guy with an even bigger heart, an ape who isn’t afraid to really express his feelings (unlike most males) — will have its AMPAS debut this evening at 7 pm at the Academy theatre. The word from last week’s New York junket screening is that Peter Jackson’s film is not only thrilling but quite the emotional ride. I know it’s going to be a hell of a visual show, but wait…wait…a distribution guy from Europe has seen it and he’s not on Baz Bamigboye‘s train. “It’s too long and boring for my taste,” he begins. “Actually I have a theory that King Kong is a manifestation of Jackson…a kind of dedication and self-tribute from and by Jackson to…himself! It’s a total vanity project. On its own terms the story should unfold in less than two hours, so at least one out of the picture’s three hours is just jacking off. There is one reel containing absolutely no dialogue — just Naomi Watts screaming her lungs out. Jackson knows how to create visual excitement, yes, but he’s too busy proving to the world that he’s the greatest director ever. This is finally a film about emotionless emotion..grand but empty, big but cold.”